Yusef Muhammad


Yusef Muhammad received his primary education in the public school system of Atlantic City, N.J., yet he attributes his yearning for learning to his parents and extended family (many of whom were professional educators). He majored in Health and minored in Music at Norfolk State University from 1976-80. While at NSU, he was also bless to study under renowned psychologist, Dr. Naim Akbar. In 1981, he moved to White Plains, N.Y. to raise his family and became intrigued with the human service profession, employed as a Psychiatric Technician, a Senior Child Care Worker and a Youth Coordinator for various community centers in the area. On September 22, 1986, Mr. Muhammad became employed as a Firefighter for the City of White Plains. Three years later he became a member of the Vulcan Society of Westchester (N.Y.), Inc. In July 1991, he became the President of his local chapter for the next four years as a result of the passing of Lt. Ronald Sanders. He then became Assistant Director of the Northeast Region for two years under the guidance of then Director Lloyd Ayers; Northeast Region Director for four years, and Executive Vice-president for the past six years. He has also served as the President of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters (IABPFF). As a student of history, he has watched the ebb and flow of the national office, the Black Chief Officers Committee, the Black Women in the Fire Service, the Information Technology Committee, the Dr. Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute, the Legal Defense Fund and other pertinent action items.