Dave Washington – Becoming a Fire Chief

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  1. Listening to your podcast, has really inspired me to pursue greater heights in the fire related field. Especially reading the “The Power of P’s”, the book given to me by your good self in the EDI class 2019. Unfortunately, I couldn’t check the survey at the end of this video due to a technical glitch.

  2. Great testimony Chief Washington! God’s divine intervention, sharing the history of your mentor’s civil rights experience through your entry-level as a result of affirmative action to Chief is awesome. “CAMP Brotherhood” reminds me Dave Floyd’s (1st IABPFF President) vision, and thanks to your leadership the EDI staff and student body will carry on the legacy of Dr. Carl Holmes. Peace

  3. Yes sir with respect to David Floyd, he and I spoke in detail about the camp he envisioned. I had not known as informed him about Camp Brotherhood that he had a much greater idea regarding a camp for our youth. So one should do it now because it’s still needed. Thanks for your remarks my brother….Dave W

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