This is the pre-course assignment for Politics and the White Helmet (PWH).  This assignment is designed to prepare you for the classroom activities and discussions in the course.  Several of the activities will require the use of the information you develop in this assignment.  By completing the assignment, the discussions in class will have more meaning to your personal situation and will develop the skills you hope to take away from the course. In short, the time you spend will be well worth the effort.   You can anticipate that the assignment will require 2 to 3 hours to complete.

You  may  type  your  answers  into  this  document.    After  entering  your  answers, save  the document.


Module 1 PWH (Precourse)
Unit 1 Section 1
Unit 2 Section II
Unit 3 Section III
Unit 4 PWH (Pre-course) Section III