The Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute

30th Year

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Our plans are to be in New Orleans in June like we normally are. However, we have to play by the rules that have been handed to us by the pandemic.
We are experiencing a slow roll out of the vaccinations throughout the country and we are still contingent to Dillard University’s Schedule. We are also cognizant that many departments are imposing restrictions for travel by it’s members. As soon as we get any viable information that would allow us to move forward, will be presenting our plan for the future, which may include hybrid courses.

In the meantime, you can still register for EDI without the risk of reimbursement  or late fees. In the near future, you may be afforded the option to participate in our hybrid courses. To extend your growth remotely


The Carl Holmes
Executive Development Institute

9449 S. Kedzie Avenue #549

Evergreen Park, IL, 60805


Campus Location:

2601 Gentily Boulevard

New Orleans LA, 70122