The Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute

30th Year

Historical Documentary

– Produced by Ann Hall 

This documentary details the History of Dr. Carl Holmes and the development of EDI


Our plans are to be in New Orleans in June 2022 like we normally are. It seems as though the pandemic is releasing its grip and things are starting to normalize. It is still a waiting game however, and we will keep you updated as we receive more information.
 We are also cognizant that many departments may still  impose restrictions for travel by it’s members. As soon as we get any viable information that would allow us to move forward, will be presenting our plan for the future, which may include hybrid courses.

Registration for EDI 2022 will begin in October.

To extend your growth remotely,  we are offering online classes free of charge for current students. Any new student can register for only $100 with the registration fee to be applied against their 2022 tuition.